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I’m an atheist for one simple reason: there’s no evidence for the existence of God. Any god, really.  Simply put, this universe is too natural for there to be a god.  If there was a god, we would know.  We wouldn’t need faith, anymore than we need faith for the existence of things like rain or bacon.  God would be as big a part of our lives as those bacon cupcakes that I’ve never gotten around to trying.  Actually, he’d probably be bigger.

Bacon Cupcake

Are these things even good? Somebody tell me.

But the truth is, even though those cupcakes are a small part of my life, God is even smaller.  Everywhere I look, what I see is not God.  It shouldn’t work like that. God is supposed to be everywhere, but in reality, he’s nowhere.  Now, obviously, absence of evidence is not automatically evidence of absence.  But I think that when people claim that their god is everywhere, not finding that god everywhere is a very good sign that those people are wrong.

The universe is filled with mystery.  Where did we come from?  Why are we here?  Why is The Jersey Shore so popular?  There used to be many more mysteries.  Why do people get sick?  What causes lightning?  If we put bacon on a cupcake, will people buy it?  All of those questions have been answered.  And (surprise!) all of those answers have turned out to be not God.  In fact, so many answers have turned out to be “not God” that I’m confident that there are no questions for which the answer is “God”.  (Except maybe the question, “What is one thing that doesn’t exist?”  Bam!)  Every question we answer, every place we look, we find “not God”.

But here’s the thing: let’s say that at some point, we find that the answer to a question is, in fact, God.  Let’s say that for some reason, we find out that God really loves The Jersey Shore.  (“And he hath appointed Snooki to be His prophet, and spread the Word.”)  If we discovered proof that God exists, then I will most certainly believe in him.  But it would take evidence, not faith, to convince me.  Now would I worship him?  Of course not.  He likes The Jersey Shore, for one thing.  Plus, there were those genocides….

But there is no evidence.  There is absolutely no evidence that God exists.  The Jersey Shore is still unexplained.  I have yet to see a single physics equation that has God in it.  (“Now if you distribute God through the Schrödinger equation…”)  And more importantly, those equations still work fine.  God isn’t needed for any of them.  And that’s probably because he doesn’t exist.