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According to The Examiner, the FAA recently released a long list of drugs that pilots are forbidden to take while flying.  These include medicines for ailments like colds and headaches, as well as more serious conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.  This presents a dilemma for pilots with these conditions, because they can’t fly while sick, but they also can’t take the drugs that make them better.

Many are turning to homeopathic remedies as a solution.  I suppose they are under the impression that they actually work, and that they can relieve the pilots of their ailments with no side effects.  The problem, of course, is that homeopathic remedies don’t work.  Which means there are pilots flying planes around the country that aren’t being treated for their various illnesses, and these pilots are a danger to everyone aboard their planes.

How about when pilots have illnesses that impair their ability to fly planes, and their only treatment option is to take medications that also impair their ability to fly planes, maybe they shouldn’t be flying planes?