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What is it with woo peddlers and their almost constant references to quantum physics?  Just because the equations make little intuitive sense doesn’t mean that all sorts of crazy hypotheses are suddenly fair game.  Take, for instance, this article  in the Inquirer, titled “Quantum physicists are beginning to sound like mystics.”  Right off the bat, no.  Just no.  I honestly don’t need to read the rest of the article to know that it’s full of crap.  That much is obvious from the title alone.  I did read the rest of the article though, and it pretty much confirmed my suspicions.

After some rather poor reporting on quantum physics, the first thing the author says is

“The New Physics enables scientists to explain various phenomena such as bilocation, telekinesis and teleportation, that are completely inexplicable in terms of the classical Newtonian physics. The universe, it turns out, is not what scientists have always assumed it to be.”

I have no idea what part of his ass this guy pulled telekinesis from.  I can almost understand where he got teleportation and bilocation from.  But wait!  It gets even more bizarre.

“I do not completely understand quantum physics, not being a scientist myself, but that’s not the reason why I am not at all shocked by it. It’s because I find its theories and assumptions to be compatible with those of mysticism.”

I don’t think the phrase, “I’m not a scientist, but…” has ever been followed by something good.  In this case, it’s followed by something really stupid.

“It seems, therefore, that there is a growing convergence between modern physics and mysticism, between science and ancient religion. Modern physicists are beginning to sound like mystics, and mystics are beginning to sound more like physicists.”

Fuck this guy.  In two sentences he’s managed to trivialize all of physics by comparing it to the worthless garbage of mysticism and woo.  Physics requires years of study and a deep commitment to understand.  Woo just requires a lack of a conscience and a willingness to make shit up.

Just because quantum physics is counter-intuitive and difficult to understand doesn’t mean in validates every whackjob theory out there.  People can’t just throw the word “quantum” in front of whatever they’re trying to sell and act like it’s legitimate science.  And this guy can say that physics proves his particular brand of woo all he wants, but I guarantee that if you asked any physicist, they would tell you that he’s full of bullshit.