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From Policymic:

Has feminism “ruined women”? While the waves of the feminist movement may have opened up a world of opportunity for women in America and abroad, feminism as it is understood today has gone too far. The modern feminist movement has fostered a culture of fear surrounding woman’s traditional call to motherhood and the family. In a show from April of this year, [Rush] Limbaugh expressed this idea quite well. Feminism “changed forever the normal human nature relationships between men and women.”

Okay, two things.  One:  A good indication that your position is really fucked up is that you’re agreeing with Rush Limbaugh.  I think that whenever someone cites Rush Limbaugh as a credible source, they immediately forfeit their right to be taken seriously.  “Rush Limbaugh has a good point” is a phrase that should never be spoken.

And two:  Saying that feminists are “ruining women” by lowering rates of motherhood is implying that a woman’s natural state is being a mother.  It implies that a woman’s place is at home, taking care of the kids.  Possibly in a kitchen.  This is so blatantly sexist I feel like I don’t even need to point it out.  And don’t even get me started on the phrase “ruining women” implying that women are things that can be “broken” or “fixed,” instead of, you know, people.

Unfortunately, for women who do want a traditional family, tradition itself is on the decline. In her book Women’s Figures, economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth provides extensive statistics on the recent trend in family life in America and around the world. Studies show that the average age of marriage is hovering around 30, as is the age of the woman at the birth of her first child. The number of children born to each family is unprecedentedly low, so low that European countries like France are making national strides to recover from a population crisis. As more and more people choose to have children later and later (if at all), choose to have children before marriage, choose to not get married at all, many of us wonder if these statistical figures are either a direct or indirect consequence of the choices won by the feminist movement.

Yeah, how dare those women have choices!

But that’s exactly the point.  Feminism isn’t about demonizing marriage or motherhood, it’s about creating choices for women.  It’s about giving women control over their own lives, and the ability to do the things that they want to do.  The reason that less women are marrying and having kids is because they can choose not to.  They can choose not to do something they don’t want to do, and can instead spend their time doing things they do want to do.  Feminists have no problem with women choosing to become wives and mothers, as long as they’re actually choosing do do so.

And I’m wondering what the alternative to all these “choosy feminists” is.  My guess is it’s a return to the “traditional family” where women didn’t have choices, and they had to marry and have a bunch of kids, whether they wanted to or not.  I think I’ll pass on that, thanks.

The author closes with this:

Until the feminist movement opens its membership to the women who embrace traditional vocations — from the call of stay-at-home motherhood to the call of consecrated virginity — feminism does not speak to all women.

Do you honestly think that feminists don’t care about stay-at-home moms?  Do you think that there are no stay-at-home moms who are feminists?  You clearly have no idea what feminism is.  Let’s continue:

It will continue to contribute to the deprecation of woman who choose to stay home and raise their children,

Like I said, feminists do care about those women.

who choose to marry young,

And those women.

who elect to save their virginity for their husband,

Do you think feminists have a long checklist that says, “You can’t be a feminist if…”?

who choose to make conjugal love that is open to life,

This is just a really bizzare way of saying, “who choose to have kids.”  Why would anyone be against that?

who choose to homeschool their children,

Yup, totally cool with that (well, sometimes).

who choose life at all costs,

Um yeah no.  As I discussed in an earlier post, the pro-life position is not and cannot be feminist.  Don’t try to sneak this shit in there.

who choose to leave their sphere of work for the sake of the family,

Totally ok with that, as long as it’s an actual choice that the woman made.

and finally, for the deprecation of men who support their women in their choices.

This is just stupid.  The are plenty of feminist men.  I’m one of them, so I should know.  Also, “their women”?  Really?  Do I even have to say what’s wrong with this?  Seriously, if you’re going to write a post criticizing feminism, at least don’t sound like a sexist asshat.

I think I’ve said enough.