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Via The Raw Story, a man in the Netherlands bought a lifeboat for $17,000 to survive the floods that will surely occur.

A fervent Christian, [Pieter Frank v]an der Meer bought the orange totally enclosed lifeboat for 13,000 euros (around 17,000 dollars) and has installed a toilet, a sink, a child’s car seat and food supplies.

Around 35 people have reserved seats in the Norwegian-built boat, which currently sits in Van der Meer’s garden in the central Netherlands village of Kootwijkerbroek, around 20 kilometres (14 miles) from the sea.

So I looked up the weather forecast for that area of the Netherlands.  Umm.  Not a whole lot of rain.  There’s a 70% chance of some showers tonight, though.  Maybe that’s it?

Yeah, not terribly likely.