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This is the saddest fucking thing I’ve read all week:

In the town of La Grande, Ore. two children in the last three months were intent on ending their own lives. A 16-year-old girl killed herself in October and now there’s a 15-year-old boy who is not expected to live after hanging himself.

His family said he was the target of bullying.

I only have one thing to say:  How many more?  How many more suicides?  How many more hangings, how many more poisonings?  How many more of our nation’s youth have to die?

For the record, the victim was gay, and bullied because of that.  Every single anti-gay organization in the country is complicit in his death, and every single bigot and homophobe shares part of the blame.

In general, I make it my policy not to hate people.  I believe people are people, that people are sons and daughters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, and that everybody has someone who cares about them.  I believe that nobody is truly evil, and that everyone deserves our compassion.

I said that so you understand the depths of my anger when I say that I fucking hate bigoted homophobes.  This was an innocent life, ended far too soon by monsters with no regard for basic human decency.  Fuck those people.