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From Right Wing Watch, this is the perhaps the most obvious display of pulling a conspiracy out of your ass I’ve ever seen:

[FrontPageMag reporter Mark] Tapson told Janet Mefferd in a radio interview Friday that far from finding anything “radical” or “damning” at the [Muslim Student Association’s annual West Coast] conference, “it was largely very innocuous.” He had high hopes for a workshop called “Islamatics,” for instance, but found that it was just about Islam and American politics. He even took pains to register for the conference under a “variation” of his name, only to be admitted with no questions asked.

But Tapson has a theory about why the MSA’s conference was so “innocuous.” It’s all part of Muslim Brotherhood plan, he tells Mefferd, to capture “the hearts and minds of the young.” This campus organizing and community-building, he says, “radicalizes them and it steers them toward further radicalization down the line.”

Yes, you read that right.  Mark Tapson went to that conference expecting to find a secret Muslim Brotherhood plan, but he doesn’t find one.  Which proves that there’s a secret Muslim Brotherhood plan.  Or something.

These people are so set on a Muslim takeover of the government that they’re willing to completely invent one from scratch.  Of course, the more conspiracies they invent, the more money flows in from their wingnut fanbase.  Which is why they’ll never stop.