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Jill Filipovic, of Feministe, recently published an article in Al Jazeera, painting a chilling picture of how the NRA opposes gun control at all costs, even when those costs include the lives of victims of domestic violence:

The National Rifle Association’s guns-at-all-costs mentality and total disregard for public safety has already put it in the uncomfortable position of opposing the most basic laws to protect the public safety. It opposes the regulations that would help stop disturbed young men from going on shooting sprees in schools with weapons that are as easy to fire as video game controllers. It opposes the international Arms Trade Treaty, which according to the Washington Post “would require countries to determine whether weapons they sell would be used to commit serious human rights violations, terrorism or transnational organised crime”. It is willing to fight for the rights of drunk people in bars, visitors to elementary school and Sunday morning church-goers to carry weapons with them. 

The latest group to have their gun ownership rights championed by the NRA? Domestic abusers. 

Forty percent of women who are murdered in the US are killed by intimate partners. Guns are the cause of more than two-thirds of those domestic violence homicides, killing more victims than all other weapons combined. When an abuser has access to firearms, his victim is eight times more likely to be killed by him. The simple presence of a gun in the home makes any woman 2.7 times more likely to be murdered. And an abuse victim having access to a gun does not make her any less to be killed by her partner. 

Contrary to the NRA’s arguments about women and guns, guns do not protect women or keep us safe. They are used by abusers to kill us. Nonetheless, the NRA has fought back against legislation that mandates the removal of guns in domestic violence disputes. 

Apparently, the right of an abuser to own a gun trumps the right of a victim to walk away with her life.

It’s quite a brilliant piece, and you should go read the whole thing.  Like right now.