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So I know a lot of you ladies are looking for ways to not get raped.  After all, rape isn’t fun!  Well fortunately for you, a lot of people over at the Twitters have created a nice hashtag for you, #safetytipsforladies.  It’s full of good advice.  Some of my favorites:

Most rapists’ visual acuity is based on motion; remember to put to use your Freeze Tag skills! #safetytipsforladies

Carry a fog machine with you so that nobody can ever tell where you really are. #safetytipsforladies

Only hang out in churches. I think we all know that no raping ever happens in those. #safetytipsforladies

1 in 4 women will experience sexual assault in her lifetime, so be one of those other three women. #safetytipsforladies

Don’t be anywhere. 100% of rapes happen in places and locations. #safetytipsforladies

Invest in Daedric armor, but not the slutty kind. #SafetyTipsforLadies

Most rapists can’t fly, so use your firebolt to commute to work/ school every day. #safetytipsforladies #nerdyhumor

When going anywhere alone, set yourself on fire. Remember: They can’t rape you if you’re on fire. #safetytipsforladies

And of course, the best advice of all:

Stop being a woman in public. #safetytipsforladies

Yes, I am being sarcastic.