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I find it interesting how the Tea Party types, the people most likely to be wearing clothes made of the American Flag, are also the most likely to call for revolution when they don’t get their way.  Take, for example, the few dozen petitions clamoring for states to secede after Obama won the election.

Or take this statement made by Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.  Recently, he said this:

[The Supreme Court] interjecting itself in [Doma and Prop 8], especially when you have thirty states that have taken the steps that they have, could literally split this nation in two and create such political and cultural turmoil that I’m not sure we could recover from it.


If you get government out of whack with where the people are and it goes too far, you create revolution. I think you could see a social and cultural revolution if the court goes too far on this.

How terribly patriotic.  These people are like spoiled children who are used to getting their way.  The first time someone doesn’t give them what they want, they throw a tantrum.  This behavior would be appalling if it weren’t so damn hilarious.  I’d also like to point out that the government does things I don’t like all the time, and you won’t see me leaving anytime soon.  Maybe I’m just more mature.