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Last week, Mother Jones published a secret recording of one of Mitch McConnell’s campaign meetings where it was revealed that he’s a total scumbag, to the surprise of nobody ever.  The recording shows McConnell, as well as top aides, conspiring to attack almost-opponent Ashley Judd about her mental health.  One aide said this:

She’s clearly, this sounds extreme, but she is emotionally unbalanced. I mean it’s been documented. Jesse can go in chapter and verse from her autobiography about, you know, she’s suffered some suicidal tendencies. She was hospitalized for 42 days when she had a mental breakdown in the ’90s.

So yeah.  Fuck you, Mitch McConnell.  You are a terrible person.  You know what?  Now I’m actually going to give money to your opponent, whoever that ends up being.  I’m going to give them a lot of money, just to see you go down.

And you know what else?  Apparently McConnell is upset that this recording got leaked.  His campaign manager said this:

We’ve always said the Left will stop at nothing to attack Sen. McConnell, but Nixonian tactics to bug campaign headquarters is above and beyond.

Well yeah, I would be mad too if someone leaked evidence that showed I was a despicable human being.  But it really shows how much of a piece of shit McConnell is, that he’s frothing at the mouth about some recording, but he’s totally ok with attacking Ashley Judd over her mental illness.  Seriously.  Piece.  Of.  Shit.