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You honestly can’t make this up.  From Right Wing Watch:

On his radio program today, Beck and his co-hosts discussed the media coverage that his comments generated and complained that everyone is using it to paint him as a conspiracy theorist.

Insisting that he was merely commenting on something that he thought was an interesting media story (which is blatantly false, as anyone who watched the original segment can attest), Beck declared that the media has an agenda to always write him off as a conspiracy theorist … and it all goes back to Cass Sunstein.

Gee, Glenn, maybe the fact that you’re so quick to blame this on a conspiracy is part of the reason everyone thinks you’re a conspiracy theorist.  Or, to quote Right Wing Watch:

Perhaps the reason that everyone considers Beck to be conspiracy theorist is because he spends hours every day spreading conspiracy theories.

I think that about sums it up.