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Via Richard Carrier.  Here’s an article by some guy who has no clue what he’s talking about:

Atheists pride themselves on their intellectual honesty. Pride themselves on their high-minded commitment to a scientific worldview. They accuse Christians of wishful thinking. Because we can’t face the finality of death, we invent heaven. Because we can’t cope without objective value, we invent a heavenly Father.

By contrast, the atheist is tough-minded. Prepared to swallow the hard facts of life.

Now, you may think you see where this is going.  You’re wrong.  Because Steve (the author of this post) makes a hard right into hating on trans* people:

But how does their flattering self-image compare to reality? Take the transgender political fade. Richard Carrier recently lauded the “awesomeness” of Laurence Wachowski for “coming out” as a transsexual woman. He even praised “her” for being “super cute.”


Likewise, Jeff Lowder recently said “I consider myself extremely supportive of the transgender community”

Ok, a few things.  First, learn how to html.  Because that is not how you do it.  Your source code is absolute crap (why are you making separate divs for every paragraph?!) and you have no idea how to do links.  It’s completely disgusting.  You didn’t even get the second link right, which is why I didn’t post it. What the fuck did you do, type out the entire link by hand?  And then not bother to check if it actually works?  For reference, the link he botched is here, which, btw, is a stellar example of how to actually do links.  Also, I’m pretty sure the word you’re looking for there is “fad,” not “fade.”  Really not inspiring me with confidence in your writing ability here.

Secondly, viewing trans* people as actual human beings with rights is not a “political fad.”  It’s basic human decency, you fucking moron.  It astounds me that people simply refuse to get that.

Thirdly, if you’re going to insist on being an absolute fuckwad to trans* people, the least you can do is not be a condescending dick to them as well.  Not referring to Lana Wachowski by her chosen name, and putting the word “her” in quotes is just a dick move.

But wait!  It gets worse!

But that’s not intellectual courage. Quite the opposite–that’s intellectual cowardice. It’s kowtowing to leftwing make-believe.

What could be more unscientific than transgenderism? Do they really think gender is socially constructed? Isn’t your gender an objective biological fact, based on primary and secondary sexual characteristics, as well as your sex chromosomes?

In a contest between science and radical chic, atheists like Lowder and Carrier instantly sacrifice science on the alter of politically correctitude.

Suppose a man really does imagine that he’s trapped in a woman’s body, or vice versa. Shouldn’t Lowder and Carrier have the candor to classify that belief as a type of mental illness? But they don’t have the courage to confront the far left. They are both intellectual cowards.

Steve here is wrong about literally everything in these three paragraphs.  I’m not even going to bother dissecting them, because that’s what Google is for.  Instead, I’m going to say this: How is it that people decide to write about topics they clearly know nothing about, while simultaneously being so arrogant as to presume they know more then everybody else?  In this specific case, how can Steve decide to write so obnoxiously to Carrier and Lowder about trans* issues when Steve clearly has no fucking clue what being trans* even means?

But wait!  It gets worse!

But let’s take this a step further. If you really believe in transgender rights, then why stop there? Why confine this to a human rights issue? Why not extend it to therian rights?

Feeling one is trapped in the wrong body isn’t limited to gender. After all, there are people think they are animals trapped in a human body. Take clinical lycanthropy or boanthropy.

To be consistent, shouldn’t we enact nondiscrimination policies for lycanthropes? If you classify lycanthropy as a mental illness, does that make you a lycanphobe? Should you be charged with a hate crime?

What if a lycanthrope behaves like a wolf? What if he begins to view humans as prey? What if he stalks children in the schoolyard? What if he kills and consumes little boys and girls?

Would Jeff Lowder and Richard Carrier defend the right of lycanthropes to engage in lupine behavior? Is Jeff extremely supportive of the lycanthropic community? If a woman “comes out” as a wolf or werewolf, is that “awesome” and “super cute”?

If gender is socially assigned, why not humanity? If sex chromosomes and sexual anatomy don’t determine sexual identity, why think physical and biological facts determine taxonomic identity?

Hey, you know what’s awesome?  Not randomly spewing whatever bullshit analogy first pops into your head.  Steve here seems to have missed the memo.  I bet Steve thinks he’s so incredibly clever for coming up with this line of reasoning, while failing to realize that thousands of dumbasses before him have had similar thoughts.  Like Carrier, I’m not going to waste too much of my time arguing this point, and simply refer you to Zinnia Jones’ excellent article on the same subject.

Finally, Steve leaves us with one last pathetic parting shot:

Atheists like Jeff Lower and Richard Carrier are intellectual frauds. Poseurs. They pretend to be rationalistic and scientific, yet they play along with pseudoscientific nonsense like transgenderism. They check al [sic] the right boxes on the membership form to be accepted within their social circle.

I think the fact that transgenderism is pretty damn scientific kinda undermines his whole argument.  For instance, the APA, a body of scientific experts that know more about psychology than Steve ever will, is pretty unambiguous about transgenderism existing and not being a mental disorder.  Of course, Steve is more than happy to throw out scientific consensus when it doesn’t suit his argument.  It’s kinda ironic that he does it while claiming the scientific high ground.