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If you recall, a few months ago I wrote about a high school in Georgia that put on a racially segregated school prom. Well, it turns out that the racism in that town goes a lot deeper than that.

Specifically, this deep:

In Rochelle, Georgia, a town that recently made national news for its racially segregated prom, a group of African-American citizens is suing their city government for discharging the city’s raw sewage onto their properties.

White residents of Rochelle live on the south side of the city’s railroad track. African-Americans live on the other side. The city has repaired and updated its sewage pipes on the south (white) side of the tracks but not on the African-American side. As a result, untreated sewage backs up and overflows into the streets and the yards of residents on the north side of the tracks.


Ok, so a few questions. First, why is the entire town segregated? Why does anyone think this is ok? Secondly, whose decision was it to only repair the sewage pipes for white people? Are black people not worthy of good plumbing? Lastly, how are the (presumably) white decision-makers not aware of the environmental problems with this? Such as:

Sewage also overflows from manholes and broken pipes into a ditch along the north side of Rochelle and out into Mill Creek, which eventually flows to the Suwannee River.

Do the white people in this town not care about the river? Are they ok with that river being full of sewage?

Fortunately, the town is finally being forced to fix this problem. Earthjustice, an environmental law firm, is threatening to sue the town unless they fix this problem. Honestly, I’m kinda hoping the town does get sued, so the residents can get some compensation for the years of abuse they’ve had to endure.  Either way, I’m happy these people are finally getting some justice.