The internet has a lot of really good stuff. I would like to give everything the attention that it deserves, but unfortunately I can’t write that fast. So my plan is to write a post like this every day or two, and just link to a bunch of things that I think deserve attention. That way I can still highlight some of the cool internet things while still having time to write about other stuff. So here’s today’s bunch o’ links:

When Social Media CEOs Abet Stalking. A glimpse into the kind of harassment that women in the secular movement have to deal with.

Texas AG Admits to Gerrymandering. Surprise! Texas Republicans are racist. Who knew?

U.S. Olympic Committee Clarifies: Russian Law Is “Inconsistent With” Olympic Principles. This is a tiny step forward for the IOC. Of course, they’re not going to call off the Winter Olympics, no matter how fascistic the host country is.

#FuckCisPeople is a Twitter hashtag that’s been trending since yesterday, pointing out the hatred and violence that’s often directed at trans* people. Go read it and learn something. Also, this hashtag was started by Laurelai Bailey, one of my co-bloggers at Queereka. Plug for her work!

Getting to Know My Critics: Cecil Fuson, Sex Offender. Take a look at one of the people harassing women in the secular movement.

NSA broke privacy rules thousands of times per year, audit finds. And just when I thought the NSA couldn’t get any worse. Again. It looks like the NSA can’t even follow its own rules on privacy.

Why Atheists Have a Serious Problem With Women. A great article review of the sexism problem in the secular movement.

Meet the olinguito. A summary of this remarkable scientific discovery.