BREAKING: Rahm Sends in Police to Demolish La Casita. Late last night, Chicago police were sent in to demolish a public library, a community center, and a field house, over protests from parents and community members.

It’s Official: Stop and Frisk Is Unconstitutional. A judge has officially declared New York City’s racist Stop and Frisk law unconstitutional, saying that it violates Fourth Amendment rights. Mayor Bloomberg is still defending the law, presumably because he believes that rights are something only white people have.

Association of Coffee Consumption With All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality. A lengthy study finds that coffee consumption carries health risks for men and people under the age of 55. The study recommends that people avoid drinking more than three cups of coffee per day to avoid the health risks.

Trans*H4CK is a hackathon taking place Sep. 13-15 in Oakland to build technology designed to “create meaningful social change for the transgender community.” If you’re interested, there’s still time to apply.

This has to stop. Are you confused about what rape is? Do you know anyone else who may be similarly confused? Then this infographic, created by the good folks at UltraViolet, is just for you! Make sure to share it with your friends.

Men-Ups: Pin-Ups With Guys. In a hilarious (and kinda sexy) switch, men are photographed in pin-ups in the same positions that women are. It’s also a great eye-opener that shows exactly how women are often depicted in media.

CIA finally acknowledges Area 51’s existence. In a crushing blow to conspiracy theorists everywhere, it turns out there are no aliens in Area 51. Or maybe that’s just what the government wants you to believe. Or maybe not.