Women: Please Don’t Be Stylish. Also Please Don’t Be Frumpy. A great piece on the impossible standard that professional women often have to deal with. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

On silencing anger to silence minority voices. The latest fuck-up in the secular community. Jen McCreight has a wonderful takedown of this post by JT Eberhard. JT, you’re great at what you do, but please stop sucking at social justice issues thx.

BioWare writer received death threats to family. Over a video game. It’s moments like this that make me kinda want to nuke the planet from space.

Please, justices, no blank check for public prayer. A great editorial by the LA Times about why public, government-sponsored prayer is a terrible thing.

It’s Just a Phase. Shameless self-promotion here. This is a piece I wrote for Teen Skepchick about a week ago that deals with the way teen opinions are often ignored by adults. It’s worth a read, especially if there are teenagers in your life that you care about.

Anti-superstition leader Narendra Dabholkar shot dead; Prithviraj Chavan announces Rs10 lakh reward for info on killers. And back to more depressing news. Humanity lost a great person and a great activist today. He will be missed.

Same-Sex Marriage Law Takes Effect in New Zealand. Lastly, some good news. Congrats to the LGBT activists in New Zealand for their work making this happen.