‘I am Chelsea Manning,’ says jailed soldier formerly known as Bradley. Two days ago, Chelsea Manning (nee Bradley) told the world she was transgender. Sadly but predictably, nearly everyone decided to be a douche about it. Here’s a helpful guide about how not to suck when reporting on this.

Virginity Test Proposed for Indonesian Students. For some reason. Fortunately, there’s strong opposition to this both inside and outside Indonesia, so this isn’t likely to actually become a thing.

The price Gina Gray paid for whistleblowing. For those saying that Manning or Snowden should have just gone through the proper channels instead of releasing their information to the public, this is what happens when you do that.

Exclusive: Results of Congressional ‘Fishing Expedition’ Show Abortion Is Already Highly Regulated, Overwhelmingly Safe. So fuck you, anti-choice people. Fuck you so hard.

Death of transgender woman in New York prompts hate crimes investigation. In really sad news, this happened. Never forget what trans* people have to go through just to survive. Then maybe do something about it.

Pedophiles Are People Too. Self promotion! This is a post that I’ve spent a lot of time writing. It’s an expansion of the ideas I expressed in this post a few months ago. This is a topic that most people steer far away from, but I think it’s important and needs to be addressed.