I’ve decided, with a new school year starting, that I’d move the Bunch o’ Links to a weekly schedule instead of a daily schedule. This way, I’ll have more time to devote to more important things, like original content. Also, you won’t get spammed by a bunch of links every day. Everybody wins!

U.S. Outlines Case Against Syria, Says Action Is Necessary. Just once, I’d like to go a day without the US declaring war on somebody.

White-supremacist takeover plot startles tiny North Dakota town. What.

Nearly 20 Percent Of Scientists Contemplate Moving Overseas Due In Part To Sequestration. Well, that’s what happens when you cut the science budget every year. The scientists leave.

San Diego mayor Bob Filner agrees to resign. And good riddance.

Japan Wins the Internet with this Velociraptor Prank. In lighter news, Japan is kinda awesome.

The Gay AIDS Ring Video Pat Robertson Doesn’t Want You To See. Spoiler alert: Pat Robertson is kind of a shitty person.

New Jersey Nixes License Plate That Says ATHE1ST, Calling the Word ‘Offensive’. The twist here is that the person requesting the plate is Dave Silverman, Director of American Atheists, who makes it his career to fight this sort of thing. After about a day and a strongly worded letter, the DMV mysteriously changed their minds.

The IRS and Medicare will now recognize same-sex marriages. All of them. Which, of course, is awesome news.

Climate Name Change. This YouTube video details perhaps the best response to politicians who deny climate change.

#solidarityisforwhitewomen? Calling on atheist orgs to Support Marissa Alexander. I am absolutely behind this, 100%.