Pretty is a Set of Skills. Being pretty is more about how you use makeup, clothes, posture, and the like than about how you actually look.

Teens say they were beaten by cops in Bronx park. Remember: In NYC, being black is a crime.

Bastoy: the Norwegian prison that works. Apparently, when you treat criminals like human beings, they act accordingly.

That Sickening Feeling. Why going to war with Syria is a terrible idea. Also, if any members of Congress are reading this: Please don’t go to war with Syria.

The Crusading Sisterhood of Revenge-Porn Victims. Revenge-porn is absolutely disgusting, and ruins people’s lives. Now, there are some women who are fighting back.

Fox News found to be a major driving force behind global warming denial. Somehow this doesn’t surprise me.

Justice Ginsburg Performs Same-Sex Wedding. This just makes me happy.

The Clearest Graphs You Will Ever See Refuting the Idea That Women Are Bad at Math. A woman refutes the idea that women are bad at math. Using math. Oh delicious irony.

The Sapphires DVD Cover Controversy. Hollywood completely erases women of color in the most blatant way possible. And people say racism doesn’t exist anymore.

Malala Yousafzai opens new Birmingham library. Suck on it, Taliban.

Diana Nyad completes historic swim from Cuba to Florida. I am constantly amazed at what other people can accomplish.

Why Haters Have to Hate. Turns out, some people are just hardwired to hate things. I feel sad for those people.

What I learned in twerking class. Twerking is actually a really difficult dance style that has deep roots in African dance traditions. It’s also a testament to how mainstream white culture deems everything “black” to be inferior.

FYI (A Letter to My Daughter Sally). Purity culture is a terrible thing. It represses sexuality, places unfair burdens on teen girls, and heavily objectifies women.