Hey! You Know How I’m Begging for $3500? Fellow blogger Nate Hevenstone is asking for donations to cover some of his college expenses. Go help him out if you can.

NRA chief repeats call for ‘good guys with guns’ after navy yard shooting. Because if only there were more people with guns on that highly secure military base, this would never have happened.

Atheist Ireland to Develop a Course About Atheism for Young Students. This course would help counter some of the religious courses these students are already receiving.

North Carolina school board bans ‘Invisible Man’. Reasons cited: It’s boring and hard to understand. No I am not making this up.

Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut. I know what I’m going to be doing this weekend.

Women: stop getting yourselves sexually harassed! [TW: Sexism] A lawyer’s advice to women in the workplace: Instead of filling out a formal harassment complaint, just don’t get harassed in the first place!

Greek Rapper Pavlos Fyssas Killed by Golden Dawn Supporter. How are these fascists still tolerated in Greece?

Atlas Shrugged producers turn to Kickstarter for help warning others against moochers. Also, does anyone know where to get a cheap irony meter? Mine just broke.

Is this real life? Gawker hosts Privilege Tournament. Congratulations, Gawker. You’re officially more douchey than Forbes.

Literary Trysts It Gives Me Great Joy To Think About: Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman. This made me extremely happy.

Scientists create never-before-seen form of matter. Spoiler: it’s made of light!

What I Won’t Tell You About My Ballet Dancing Son. [TW: Sexism] I’m rooting for that kid so hard.

Ted Cruz’s non-filibuster: executive summary. In case you didn’t watch Ted Cruz’s filibuster (like a normal person) WinkProgress has you covered.

The Universe Verse: The Rhyming Scientific Comic Book That You Know You Want. And the best part is that it’s free for the next week. So go get it!

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Pertussis Slayer. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar advocates for pertussis vaccines. And just when I thought she couldn’t get any more awesome.