Nordic children’s ombudsmen take historic step to protect children’s rights. Nordic states are voting to ban infant circumcision. This article is full of amazing.

Pennsylvania School Officials Sent the Most Racist Texts Ever. Honestly, this sort of thing doesn’t even surprise me anymore.

Migrant ‘dreamers’ held after attempting to return to US. And it looks like they might actually be allowed to stay here. Yay!

The Twisted Evil. Libby Anne shares two stories that show the consequences of the Christian Fundamentalist culture.

Abercrombie’s anti-bullying shirts don’t come in plus-sizes. I’m sure that’ll go over real well.

Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos arrested. Good. Greece is finally starting to wake up.

How the Left Sees Liberty. I’m kinda sharing this everywhere, because it explains the liberal mindset so perfectly.

Peter Higgs profile: the self-deprecating physicist revered by his peers. Learn all about Peter Higgs, the man whose name is on the most famous particle in physics.

Adorable Care Act. Tired of the government shutdown over Obamacare? Try spending some time on this Tumblr.

Natalie Portman, by Tom Hiddleston. Natalie Portman gives an interview to Elle where she says some awesome feminist stuff.