Being Poor. [TW: Poverty] What is it actually like living in poverty?

I Can’t Believe Terry McAuliffe Is Going to Be Governor of Virginia. McAuliffe may not be as bad as Cuccinelli, but he’s still pretty bad.

Baggage. An excellent video takedown of the idea that media criticism can’t include the social or political issues involved. Autoplay video at the site. Also, he talks really fast.

Explain Bioinformatics to Your Grandmother! A helpful guide on how to explain science to non-scientists.

(How) Should We Call Out Online Bigotry? On “Somebody Said Something Stupid Syndrome”. Miri walks us through the arguments for and against calling out bigotry online.

Controlling Your Kids’ Candy Stash Is Bad Parenting. Strangely, depriving children of the opportunity to be responsible about Halloween candy doesn’t help them to be more responsible as adults.

Why I Let My Children Eat (Almost) Whatever They Want. Libby Anne takes a wider look at managing children’s eating habits.

In Defense of Extremists. Extremists are often people who won’t back down or compromise their position, and social justice movements need people like that.

The Hard Truth About Girl-on-Guy Rape. [TW: Rape, Rape Apology] Women can rape men, but nobody really talks about it. And that’s a disservice to the victims.

The Limits of Empathy. [TW: Massive Amounts of Privilege] When trying to get people to understand a particular kind of oppression, it’s important to listen to the people suffering from it.

How Doug Phillips Wreaked Havoc on My Family. Doug Phillips’ ideology destroys lives.