Variety TV Critic to Sarah Silverman: Stop With That Mouth of Yours and Start Acting Like a Lady. [TW: Misogyny] I would like to point out that Sarah Silverman is practically a household name, and nobody knows who Brian Lowry is. So I think her career is fine.

As health-insurance problems keep arising, Vermont offers a ray of hope. Yeah, Vermont is pretty much the socialist paradise the media portrays it as.

An exciting discovery about boredom. Turns out boredom is more exciting than you might think. Also more dangerous.

English Has a New Preposition, Because Internet. And you should go read about it, because awesomeness.

State Rep. Smashes Homeless Peoples’ Stuff With a Sledgehammer. [TW: Classism] Because they’re homeless, so obviously they don’t deserve to have things.

Dig Deep: Beyond Lean In. bell hooks, critiquing Sheryl Sandberg. What more do I have to say?

Black Female Voices: A public dialogue between bell hooks and Melissa Harris Perry. This is so awesome, you should see it twice. And then watch it again. And then never stop.

I’m Sorry, Salman. A touching apology to Salman Rushdie, from someone who called for his death many years ago.

Sentenced to die in jail for stealing a tool from a shed. [TW: Injustice] Katie highlights the injustice of life sentences for minor crimes.

Batkid saves San Francisco as charity makes a wish come true. This is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Ms. Male Character – Tropes vs Women in Video Games. Anita Sarkeesian releases her latest video, and it’s as awesome as you expect.

Dear Pat Condell… why this homo-Islamic masochist rejects your anti-Muslim crusade. [TW: Racism] Racist Pat Condell attempts to enlist gay people in his crusade, and Alex is having none of it.

Sauce for the Gander: Boston Police Officers Apparently Don’t Like Being “Followed All Over The Place”. Boston police claim GPS tracking is invasive of their privacy. Imagine how the rest of us feel.