The incalculable cost of mass incarceration. [TW: Injustice] For profit prisons are destroying America’s justice system.

Steubenville Cover-Up: Four Adults Arrested. [TW: Rape Apology] Good. I hope they go to prison for a while.

Big pharma’s latest secret: the morning after pill may not work if you weigh over 165 pounds. Please spread the word, and pressure pharma companies to accurately label their products.

Sex workers now can get health care coverage under the ACA. Yay!

Read: 23andMe, Which Bypasses Physicians to Sell Genetic Testing to the Public, Is Told by the FDA to Stop Selling Its DNA Tests. Because knowing things is dangerous, I guess.

Absconding With One’s Fetus. [TW: Misogyny] Apparently changing residences while pregnant is now considered kidnapping.

The turkey pardon is America’s dumbest tradition. Not only is it completely pointless, but it makes a mockery of the presidential pardon, which is being used far less often.

Inspired by the Hunger Games, girls “aim” farther with archery. Terrible puns aside, this highlights why the world needs more female role models in TV and movies.