A woman who was denied treatment when she miscarried is suing the Catholic Bishops. Good for her. I hope she wins.

I came to Duke with an empty wallet. [TW: Classism] A piece about the classism and shaming of the poor at Duke University, that I think applies to every institution of higher learning. The comments on this piece are also (with a few exceptions) excellent.

Six Things Nelson Mandela Believed That Most People Won’t Talk About. As we reflect on the life of Nelson Mandela, it’s important to remember him accurately.

The Man Who Loves To Bust Quacks. A profile of Stephen Barrett, the creator of Quackwatch.

Sweden closes four prisons as number of inmates plummets. Gee, if only everyone had this problem.

What the Word “Bigot” Actually Means (and Why it is Important). [TW: Homophobia] Wes Alwan takes issue with attempts to characterize Alec Baldwin as a bigot, arguing that doing so weakens the word.

Braid: Tory laws to ban the very mention of union strikes delivers a blow to free speech. Apparently even talking about things the people in power don’t like is going to be illegal.

Unarmed Man Is Charged With Wounding Bystanders Shot by Police Near Times Square. [TW: Abuse of Power] Because he made them shoot at him, see?

Chelsea Manning name row: Wikipedia editors banned from trans pages. [TW: Transphobia] According to Wikipedia, calling out transphobia is as bad as transphobia.

Study: Stigmatizing obesity leads to obesity. Fat shaming doesn’t help, so knock it off.

Three Teens Arrested for Waiting While Black. [TW: Racism] Because to the police, being black is a crime.

When Men on the Left Refuse to See Their Sexism. [TW: Misogyny, Homophobia] Often, it’s hard to see our own sexism, and to hold ourselves accountable for it.

Christian conservatives have perfected playing the victim card. Using their twisted version of “freedom of religion” has allowed the Religious Right to make a dangerous amount of progress eroding actual freedom of religion.

Teaching While Black and Blue. [TW: Racism] Racism in universities is a problem, especially when people are deemed “offensive” for pointing it out.