Universities UK withdraws advice on gender segregation in lectures. They finally realized they were being sexist douchebags. Took them long enough.

The Salvation Army’s History of Anti-LGBT Discrimination. [TW: Hompphobia] When the Salvation Army claims they’re not anti-gay, they’re lying.

Why it’s time for brain science to ditch the ‘Venus and Mars’ cliche. “Male and female brains are different” is a phrase that needs to die.

Why we don’t take our pills and why we’re still human. [TW: Ableism] Mentally ill people who don’t medicate are still people and should be treated as people.

I accompanied someone to the police station to report a sexual assault, and this is what happened. [TW: Rape Apology] This isn’t quite as bad as you think, but it’s certainly not ideal.

American men’s hidden crisis: They need more friends! Straight white men have the fewest friends, because patriarchy.

The Souls of Black Boys. [TW: Racism] Young black men are either forgotten or demonized by the system, and aren’t given the education to see it.

School Drops Sexual Harrassment Claim. [TW: Harassment] A school caved to pressure and decided not to punish a boy for harassing a girl in his class.

Israel opens ‘de facto jail’ for migrants. If you don’t want to deal with your immigration problem, just throw the immigrants in jail indefinitely.

Hot Sauce Over Humanity: On Sriracha. People seem to care more about hot sauce than they do about the people whose lives are being ruined.

Texas boy avoids jail in deaths of four after psychologist testifies wealth spoiled him. [TW: Classism] The boy, Ethan Couch, should be getting 20 years in prison, but only gets 10 years probation because he has a lot of money.

A Year of Gun Deaths. Slate tried to record every gun death since the Newtown shooting. They failed. Turns out there are a lot of gun deaths.