6 Shocking Realities of the Secret ‘Troubled Teen Industry’. [TW: Abuse, Kidnapping] This is horrifying and needs to stop.

Cops videotaped beating a man to death were just “doing their jobs” and acquitted. [TW: Violence, Police Brutality] The police just enforce the laws, they don’t have to follow them.

It’s Okay to Cry. [TW: Fat-Shaming] Thoughts on Gabby Sidibe’s response to fat-shaming after the Golden Globes.

Texas Public Schools Are Teaching Creationism. Zack Kopplin looks at all the ways creationists are sneaking into Texas charter schools.

Christians: Why You Need an Atheist Speaker at Your Next Conference. Bob Seidensticker issues a challenge to Christian conference organizers.

Billionaire Beanie Babies creator sentenced to probation for tax evasion. At this point I feel like they’re destroying my childhood on purpose.

The Geel question. A small town in Belgium has been caring for those with mental illness for hundreds of years. Why can’t the rest of the world do this?

This Is What I Mean When I Say “White Feminism”. What is “White Feminism?” Ninjacate explains what it is and why it’s wrong.

‘Too Much Estrogen’: The Golden Globes, Chris Christie and Men Who Don’t Want to Share Culture. [TW: Sexism] Many men are so used to dominating the culture that they view equal representation as an incursion into their space.

Appeals court rules against FCC’s right to protect ‘net neutrality’. Well, fuck.

10 Ways to Make Sure the Atheist Movement Is Not Just for the Wealthy. We need to make an effort to include everyone in the movement, not just those with money to burn.

Calif. Trans Student Suspended Following Act of Protest. [TW: Transphobia] Trans women are often forced to follow whatever rules are least convenient at the time, even if they’re inconsistent.

Chris Christie And Pulling The Red Handle. [TW: Fat-Shaming] Stop fat-shaming people. Seriously.

What Would Yellow Ranger Do?: A Cartoonish Tale. [TW: Racism] What it’s like to live in the United States as a person of color.

Ex-police captain held on murder charge in Florida movie theatre killing. [TW: Violence, Gun Culture] Gee, if only everyone had guns, then even more people would be dead.

Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones Aren’t About Restricting Free Speech. [TW: Abortion Protesters] The Supreme Court is considering whether to keep abortion clinic buffer zones. This is why they should.

Ohio executes inmate with drug untested for executions; results are both predictable and unjustifiable. [TW: Death] How long until we get rid of this barbaric practice?

And the Guardian Weighs In. [TW: Death, Sexism] Bunches of people have decided it’s a good idea to criticize a terminally ill woman for how she uses the internet.

Having To See It To Believe It: Men and Online Sexual Harassment. [TW: Sexism, Misogyny, Abuse] Miri talks about the recent phenomenon of men impersonating women to see how bad they have things on the internet.