How Richard Sherman Became America’s Newest Thug. [TW: Racism] How the reactions to Richard Sherman’s interview are motivated by racism and white privilege.

All I want for Christmas is an abortion. Abortions don’t have to be a difficult decision, and they aren’t shameful.

Most of you have no idea what Martin Luther King actually did. [TW: Violence] MLK didn’t just make a good speech, he did something far more significant. And, for MLK Day, here’s Letter From a Birmingham Jail, which should be required reading for everyone in this country.

The Danger of Telling Poor Kids That College Is the Key to Social Mobility. College should be emphasized as a place to learn more, not just a way to get a bigger paycheck.

Naquasia LeGrand on The Colbert Report. Naquasia LeGrand is a representative of Fast Food Forward, a group campaigning for a living wage, and she talks about her experiences working minimum wage jobs at fast food chains.

Drugs, Death, Neglect: Behind the Scenes at Animal Planet. [TW: Animal Cruelty] An exposé of the mistreatment of animals on the show Call of the Wildman.

On tokenism, visibility, and those gay black dads who went viral. Courtney talks about the problematic reactions to that picture of those two black gay dads you saw everywhere last week.

6 reasons female nudity can be powerful. Lena Dunham’s nudity, and female nudity in general, is an important method of expression.

Nowhere for trans women to hide: What Bill Simmons’ apology gets right and so very wrong. [TW: Transphobia, Suicide] Analysis of Grantland’s apology by Katherine Cross.

JP Morgan doubles CEO Jamie Dimon’s salary despite billions in fines. Yeah, that’s cool. It’s not like rich people have to deal with the consequences of their behavior ever.

Former College President Indicted In Manhattan Federal Court For Campaign Finance Fraud. Dinesh D’Souza gets arrested. This is a happy thing.

Birth control isn’t just about sex — but it’s also about sex. All the ways Mike Huckabee is wrong.

Stephen Hawking: ‘There are no black holes’. Look! A science!

No More. [TW: Rape Culture] The “No More” movement, ostensibly meant to reduce rates of DV and SA, is problematic in many ways.