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Sean Hannity Suggests Replacing Health Insurance With Health Insurance. It’s almost like he’s opposed to the ACA for ideological reasons, not because there’s actually anything wrong with it.

Stop Calling Macklemore “Brave.” He’s not a very good ally, and he’s hardly the leader of the queer movement that people make him out to be.

7 Moments That Made ‘Frozen’ the Most Progressive Disney Movie Ever. Yay progressive Disney Movies!

The Problem with ‘School Choice’ Week: What’s Behind the Bright Yellow Banner. The “School Choice” movement is a cover for right-wing ideologues and people who want to end public schooling.

Invisibility is Not What I am Fighting For. Being openly queer is not a bad thing.

Anti-Choicers Drop the ‘Life’ Pretense, Increasingly Admit They’re Angry About Sex. [TW: Misogyny, Anti-Choice Propaganda] The entire anti-choice movement is about controlling women’s sexuality. Now they’re admitting it.

My personal Fox News nightmare: Inside a month of self-induced torture. A hardcore liberal watches Fox News exclusively for a month. The result? He starts to become a conservative.

Introversion. A beautiful comic about life as an introvert.

She Was Harassed By A Games Reporter. Now She’s Speaking Out. [TW: Abuse, Harassment, Misogyny] An article about harassment in the gaming industry, and how pernicious and dangerous it is.

Your Criticism of My Holocaust Analogy Is Like Yet ANOTHER Holocaust. Comparing words to violent actions can lead to an increase in censorship.

My Experiences as a Young Trans Woman Engaged in Survival Sex Work. Janet Mock talks about her experiences in sex work, in an effort to reduce the stigma involved in it.

On overcoming writer’s block. Are you struggling with writer’s block? These tips might help.