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An Open Letter From Dylan Farrow. [TW: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault] If you haven’t read this already (and you can handle the content) you need to read this. Then read the next two links.

Why neutral is not the logical position on Dylan Farrow’s allegations. [TW: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault] Even if we’re not privy to every single fact, or we can’t conclusively “prove” whether she’s telling the truth, Dylan Farrow needs to be believed.

A thorough analysis of Woody Allen’s letter in the NYTimes. [TW: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault] Woody Allen responds to Dylan Farrow, and his response is full of shit. Here’s exactly why.

Happy 19th Birthday, Trayvon! [TW: Racism, Violence]On what would be Trayvon Martin’s 19th birthday, we need to recommit to ending racially motivated violence.

Reality TV star slips off rope. [TW: Fat Shaming, Eating Disorders] It turns out there’s no way to please the patriarchy.

Brazil’s “rolezinhos:” a new kind of social movement. Young people of color in Brazil are putting a focus on everyday racism.

Transgender student’s rights violated by bathroom ban, Maine court rules. Yay! A victory!

Unpaid Internships Are Exploitative. Hiring someone and refusing to pay them or compensate them in any way is wrong.

Homophobia Is a Real Fear … but of What, Exactly? Heterosexuality demands a perfect track record. And that’s why many men find gayness terrifying.

“Why was I vilified?” On Piers, Janet, and what it means for the rest of us. [TW: Transphobia] Piers Morgan is an asshole, and a symptom of a transphobic culture.

Dear America, I Saw You Naked. An inside look at the machinations of the TSA.