After 75 Years of Alcoholics Anonymous, It’s Time to Admit We Have a Problem. AA is highly ineffective, and it’s time we admit it.

“You Can’t Do That! Stories Have to Be About White People!” Why the lack of people of color in fiction matters.

Analysis: Should ‘Gender Identity Watch’ Be Labeled a Hate Group? [TW: Transphobia, Harassment] A look at some of the terrible things Cathy Brennan has done over the years.

Two responses to victims of online abuse that should stop. Victims of online abuse (or any kind of abuse, really) shouldn’t be told to ignore their abusers or report them to the police.

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21 Things You Can’t Do While Black. [TW: Racism, Violence] Because in the United States, being black is a crime.

Sustainable nuclear fusion breakthrough raises hopes for ultimate green energy. Yay science!

The Sochi Games: Fury and Futility. [TW: Homophobia, Violence, Brutality] Some thoughts on the Olympics and the brutal treatment of queer people in Russia.

Get out of Dodge. Kansas contemplates a bill that legalizes discrimination against queer people.

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