Virginia’s New Policy Allowing Transgender Student Athletes Bans Transgender Student Athletes. You read that right. Thanks a fucking bunch, Virginia.

The Public Voice of Women. [TW: Misogyny, Scilencing] Silencing women in the pubic sphere has a long history.

Girls Don’t Count. Often, women’s bisexuality isn’t considered “real.”

Apparently, these guys don’t want women to write science fiction. [TW: Misogyny] A spotlight on some of the attitudes toward women writers inside the science fiction community.

How to Suppress Writing Women. [TW: Misogyny] Stephanie Zvan compares the attacks on Mary Robinette Kowal with the attacks on Rebecca Watson.

Recruiting Tools for Atheists. Perhaps the best way to get other people to become atheists is to stop being such dicks all the time.

Michael Dunn Verdict: Hung Jury. And another white man gets away with murdering a black teen.

Our real first gay president. People always forget James Buchanan. And the fact that history isn’t as neat as you’d like it to be.

The Problem With Little White Girls (And Boys). Actually helping people is more important than letting white people feel like they’re helping people.

An Amazing Village Designed Just For People With Dementia. It’s strange how treating other people like people feels so foreign.

I Write Letters. Jimmy Fallon needs to stop inviting rapists and abusers on his show.

Ban the Second Amendment. The right to bear arms needs to go.