What Happens When Google Doesn’t Think You’re A Human. Google doesn’t do a good job at recognizing Native/First Nations/non-Western names.

Fraudster skeptic Brian Dunning’s shell game. How Brian Dunning scammed people for millions of dollars, and why we should care.

New SAT To Bring Back 1600-Point Scale — With Optional Essay. The SAT has been redesigned to be fairer to low-income individuals.

High Court Rules That Upskirt Photos Are Legal In Massachusetts. Until a few days ago, it was completely legal to take upskirt photos in Massachusetts.

“Not All Guys are Like That.” [TW: Rape, Sexual Assault, Sexual Harassment] It may be true that “not all guys are like that,” but for many women, it doesn’t matter.

If He’s Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It’s Not Because He’s Drunk. It’s because he’s a sexually aggressive asshole.

Triggered, Continued. A discussion on how trigger warnings are useful and why we should use them.

Trigger Warning: School. Alexandra argues specifically about trigger warnings in schools.

On Ungrateful Brats: Are College Students Really Adults? College students are very financially dependent on their parents or guardians throughout college, so we shouldn’t hold it against them when they seek assistance.

If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel. A very good demonstration of what the scale of the solar system actually looks like.

Chief Lanier, Looks Like You DO Have An MPD Transphobia Problem. [TW: Transphobia, Violence] Multiple reports of transphobia and violence within the DC Metro Police Department.