When People Are Dismissive of Your ADHD. Here’s how to talk to people who have misconceptions about ADHD.

So You Think You’re Smarter Than A CIA Agent. A research group uses statistics and a lot of people to predict world events better than CIA-trained experts.

Dwarf planet stretches Solar System’s edge. Astronomers may have discovered a new dwarf planet.

Scenes from the Postdocalypse. As research funding dries up, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find good jobs with a doctorate.

Ask a designer: why switching fonts won’t save the US government millions. Many people, including me, got excited about a high schooler’s idea for the government to change fonts and save millions on ink costs. But it turns out things aren’t quite that simple.

At 92, I was arrested for protesting against mining. I’m glad I took a stand. If we want to save the climate, we need to do it ourselves.

Mexican indigenous woman who was separated from baby allowed to pursue lawsuit against Mississippi welfare agency. Bout time.

Judge: Probation for du Pont heir in daughter rape because ‘he would not fare well’ in prison. [TW: Classism] Yes, prison is difficult, so it should only be something we inflict on poor people. Or as this judge probably calls them, “takers.”

I used to believe I had the right to be a bigot. But reason prevailed. You mean free speech doesn’t mean people can just say whatever offensive things they want?!

The last word in cool – if you’re a teenager. Apparently if you want to know what teenagers think, you can just, you know, ask them. Revolutionary.

8 Questions About Bisexuality That Are Better Than “Does It Exist”. Directed at the Andrew Sullivans of the world.