Fox News declares war on its own children: Inside its bizarre new crusade. [TW: Ageism] You crazy kids, get off Fox News’ lawn!

Let Us Pray. A week ago, the Supreme Court decided sectarian legislative prayers are completely acceptable. So get ready for a side of Christianity with your civics.

As domestic abuse goes digital, shelters turn to counter-surveillance with Tor. [TW: Abuse, DV, Harassment, Stalking] Because so much domestic abuse takes place over the internet, shelters and law enforcement are turning to security experts like Tor to help.

Smartphone Shaming Has Got To Stop. Using your phone is perfectly fine. Demanding that people always pay attention to you instead of using theirs isn’t.

10 Things Not to Say to a Bisexual Woman. [TW: Biphobia] Pretty much never do these things to anyone.

Nevada Militia Sets Up Armed Checkpoints, Demands to See Drivers’ I.D. Because freedom. Or something.

Shooter Injures Six In Georgia Town Where Everyone Is Required To Own A Gun. But if only everyone had two guns, this would never have happened.

Social Skills or Stereotypes? What My Autism Classes Didn’t Teach Me. [TW: Homophobia] In an effort to try and fit in, it’s easy to adopt heteronormative behaviors and attitudes.

Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor. Even though they can get in, many poor students don’t even apply to the best colleges.

Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic goes to court today. And I hope they succeed.

A Better Way to Say Sorry. How to apologize like a pro.

Y All the Hype? The media is so invested in the narrative that men and women are different that even studies that emphasize the similarities get repurposed to show differences.

A Response to the White and Privileged on “Checking Your Privilege”. Maybe before you write a diatribe against privilege, you should learn what privilege is.

To the Princeton Privileged Kid. Another response to that awful article.