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Yesterday, I got a comment on my post about movements that only cater to white men. This comment was from an MRA. At first I put it in the trash, because that’s where trash goes, but then I thought it would be more interesting to share it with the world, so that everyone could laugh at it as I have. So here is the comment, in full:


You do realize that the MHRM (Men’s Human Rights Movement) is growing faster than the Secular Movement. We are attracting more women and minorities than the Secular Movement. The MHRM started off as white men talking about white men problems, but it has grown to include all men and is supported by people that love men.

So lets take a quick look at some of the MHRM issues. Infant genital mutilation is bad, it’s not just bad for infants with the “correct” genital as proposed by feminists. It is bad for all infants. Equality in reproductive rights is important for all people. Real equality is equality for all, not equality for the people with the “correct” genitalia. Equality in education because education is important for every one, not just the people with the “correct” genitalia. If we are to do more to break the stereotypes of women, we must also break the stereotypes of men. The current view that men are worse parents than women, but women are equal to men is just simply nonsensical. Continuing to try to purse gender equality through the women women and only women lense of feminism simply can’t work. It is only making things worse for women and men.

So now let’s look at this comment line by line. First, I did not realize that the MRM was growing faster than the secular movement. Maybe I would have realized it sooner if there were any statistics at all that showed this. But we don’t really need statistics. The secular movement has dozens of national organizations, millions of members, and, you know, does things. The MRM is a handful of dudes with blogs ranting about how women are literally Satan. Their largest rally attracted ten whole people.

Unless “genderneutrallanguage” (LOL) means that the MRM is growing faster as a percentage of itself. So, for instance, if the secular movement has a million members, and it adds ten thousand over a year, you could say it’s grown by 1%. And if the MRM has a hundred members, and it adds another hundred, it’s grown by 100%. Holy misleading statistics, Batman! The MRM is clearly growing a hundred times faster than the secular movement! And if that’s true (it isn’t) then that means my blog readership has grown by 500000% over the last two years! I must be a genius!

And no, the MRM is not “attracting more women and minorities than the Secular Movement.” The MRM is not attracting more people than the secular movement (see above). And if the MRM has grown to include all men (surely not all men, because I’m not a member) why is it still almost entirely white? If I didn’t know any better, I would say genderneutrallanguage is ignoring the facts that contradict their position.

As for the second paragraph, I’m glad that the MRM is supporting these issues. I support them too! And so do many feminists. Contrary to the MRM’s bogeyman version of feminism, many feminists (of all genders) support equality everywhere, independent of gender. If genderneutrallanguage actually bothered to learn a bit about feminism, they would find out that they agree with feminists on many issues. (By the way, for someone named genderneutrallanguage, they do quite a bit of gendered language, as well as conflating sex with gender, and reducing people to their genitals.)

But this raises an interesting point: if the MRM is, as it claims, dedicated to solving men’s problems, where is the part where they actually try to solve those problems? If the MRM actually cares about genital mutilation, where are its campaigns to stop genital mutilation? If the MRM actually cares about reproductive rights, where are its campaigns for reproductive rights? If the MRM actually cares about equality in education, where are its campaigns for equality in education? If the MRM actually cares about stereotypes, where are its campaigns combating stereotypes? If the MRM actually cares about parenting rights, where are its campaigns about parenting rights?

As far as I’ve seen, there aren’t any. There are no campaigns on any of these issues. This suggests that the MRM doesn’t actually care about them at all, and that the MRM is nothing more than a bunch of angry dudebros ranting on the internet about the evils of women. But beyond that, the MRM doesn’t actually do anything. So seeing things through the “lense” of feminism is the only way any sort of gender equality is going to happen. Because it’s not like the MRM presents any kind of meaningful alternative.