New York Times fires woman for being pushy, but claims it’s not sexist. If only she were take-charge and assertive like a man.

Firing Abramson wasn’t only sexist. It may have been illegal. Apparently there are laws against firing women you don’t like now.

Update: What’s the Word on Jill Abramson? A recap of the events surrounding Abramson’s firing.

Read Amy Schumer’s Powerful Speech About Confidence. This is all the awesome.

Watch a video of a woman getting an abortion. To prove that there is such a thing as a positive abortion story.

“Why do Muslim women accept and believe these things anyway?” Far too many people ask this question without really expecting any kind of answer, which is insulting.

Recall That Ice Cream Truck Song? We Have Unpleasant News For You. [TW: Racism] Just a reminder that racism taints literally everything in this country.

Miley Cyrus, Celebrity Rapist? [TW: Allegations of Rape] Miley Cyrus pretty much tells people she’s a rapist, and everyone treats it as a joke.

Americans Say Yes To Gay Athletes … Until They Kiss. Apparently queer people are just fine, as long as cishet people get to pretend we’re all celibate. But once we start existing in public, we’re going too far.

Fourth Phelps-Roper sibling leaves Westboro Baptist Church. And I wish him the best of luck on all his future endeavors.

The Robot Car of Tomorrow May Just Be Programmed to Hit You. An interesting article on the ethics of driverless cars.