A SWAT team blew a hole in my 2-year-old son. [TW: Violence, Police Brutality] Because they were looking for some marijuana that wasn’t even there.

Police Shoot 95-Year-Old WWII Vet to Death for Refusing to Go to Hospital. [TW: Violence, Police Brutality, Death] Apparently the officers in question felt threatened by the 95 year old man who could barely walk.

4-Year-Old Ruins Babysitter’s Plan to Blame Home Invasion on Black Guy. Meanwhile, the police deployed snipers to arrest the black guy in question, who they interrogated for hours before realizing he was innocent.

Are Albuquerque’s Police the Worst in the Country? [TW: Violence, Police Brutality, Death] Vice makes a pretty good case that they are, and also highlights some other examples of excessive police violence.

Sheffield reporter threatened with arrest under anti-terrorism laws. For filming a protest.

Florida court challenges off-the-grid living. Apparently in Florida, it’s now illegal to not give money to the power and water companies.

Organ Transplant Discrimination Against People With Disabilities. [TW: Ableism] See, because people with disabilities don’t really deserve to live, so they don’t get organs.

The intriguing tale of the gay sheep. Scientists detect physical differences between gay and straight sheep, and try to fix the gay ones, opening up a whole can of ethical problems.

Female celebrities’ images are easy to tarnish. It’s really hard for a male celebrity to ruin his career, no matter what he does, but if a female celebrity steps just a bit out of line, her time in the spotlight is over.

The Map Of Native American Tribes You’ve Never Seen Before. Aaron Carapella makes extremely detailed maps of the historical locations of Native American tribes, using the names that those tribes used for themselves.

Matt Lauer Asked Mary Barra If She Can Be a Good Mom and Run GM. I wonder if Matt Lauer’s responsibilities as a father are interfering with his ability to ask good questions in an interview.

Trouble at the lab. Many important scientific studies might be wrong, and we have little way to tell.

Don’t let potential employers violate your right to Facebook privacy. We should be able to leave our work at work, and not be expected to always behave as if our boss is watching.

Before Batgirl, Weirder than Wonder Woman: Lost Superheroines of the Pre-Code Era. There’s an entire trove of awesome comics starring women that you had no idea even existed.

McCullen: A view from a thousand feet. The Supreme Court doesn’t understand the necessity of buffer zones because they’re so far removed from the issue.

This Great Ad Reveals All the Ways We Hold Girls Back. Treating girls as fragile stifles their creativity and desire to learn.