Massacre in Shejaiya. [TW: Death] Israel is killing civilians now. That’s cool.

What life (and death) is like in Gaza. [TW: Death] Yeah, Israel is pretty much the worst.

Why I Don’t Always Trust Israel. [TW: Death] Israel has committed war crimes in the past. Is it so hard to believe they aren’t committing them now?

My son has been suspended five times. He’s 3. [TW: Racism] The preschool-to-prison pipeline is a thing.

Is There Any Line You Think Should Not Be Crossed? The Amazing Atheist, and What the Atheist Community Apparently Is Okay With. [TW: Rape] Yes, there is a line, and if you cross it, nobody should pay attention to you ever again.

Fox hosts outraged that Texas 911 operators are ‘forced’ to help dying non-English speakers. [TW: Racism] Stay classy, Fox.

Pro-life nurse sues Family Planning Center for not hiring her to not do a job. Religious freedom sure means a lot more stuff than it used to.

Maybe People Actually Enjoy Being Alone With Their Thoughts. Looking at the data from a study that I reported on a couple weeks ago in a new light.

Food is for White Liberals What Sex Is For The Religious Right. Maybe don’t complain so much about GMOs when people are literally starving, okay?

Joint statement by Ophelia Benson and Richard Dawkins. Ooh, civility! Finally Richard Dawkins says something sensible. I wonder how long this will last.

Richard Dawkins, and Ranking the Top 10 Kinds of Rape in Order of Badness. [TW: Discussion of Rape and Pedophilia] Oh, apparently about three days.

Why This Matters. [TW: Pretty much everything] This is why we’re all making such a big deal out of all this.