Wow this is late. Sorry about that.

Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn’t exist. Congratulations, trolls. You’ve successfully proved her point.

Notes On An Eating Disorder. [TW: Eating Disorders] This piece is excellent. I highly suggest you read it.

Jon Stewart shreds Fox News for having ‘no f*cking idea’ how to discuss Ferguson. Is it really any surprise that rich white men with no concept of racism can’t discuss Ferguson?

Are Anti-Rape Devices the Best We Can Do? We shouldn’t be holding victims accountable for preventing their own rapes.

6 Ways to Have a Better Conversation about Mental Illness. [TW: Mental Illness, Ableism] We need to be better about talking about suicide and mental illness.

The Master’s Pools. Our priorities as a society are skewed if we spend billions to kill people, but have to fundraise to cure disease.

Flowchart: Should You Catcall Her? Here’s a handy way to tell whether you should ever catcall someone.

Fuck you, Lego. Lego finally sells miniatures of female scientists. For about a week.

The 46-year-old sex toy Hitachi won’t talk about. An interesting history of the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The One Word Men Never See in Their Performance Reviews. [TW: Sexism] Here’s numbers that show, once again, that women are discriminated against in the workplace.

Teen Convinces Her High School To Drop Abstinence-Only Education Class. This happened in Canada though, so don’t get too excited.

Being a Cop is Really Not That Dangerous. Turns out policing isn’t as dangerous as the police would have you believe.